Frequently Asked Questions

Sugplumb is a family-run business that has been supplying exceptional renewable plumbing and heating services for over 15 years. Our commitment to professionalism and adherence to traditional values has earned us a reputation for excellence that continues to grow. We believe in the "renewable lifestyle" and take pride in offering our customers an extensive range of alternative heating solutions and energy-saving technologies.

In the case of renewable energy there is not a “one system fits all”. This is where we excel, upon enquiry we will arrange a suitable time to meet with yourself and conduct a free survey to be able to calculate which system meets your preferences and is appropriate for your home.

Home Energy Scotland offers free and impartial advice on how to save energy, stay warm in your home, reduce water waste, and more. Plus, grant funding is now available without the need for a loan. Additionally, a rural uplift program is available to offer extra support for rural and island homes that may face higher costs when installing home improvements. The amount you may be able to borrow depends on the type of improvement or installation you require, which are divided into two categories - energy efficiency improvements (including secondary improvements) and renewable energy systems. Loans and grants are regularly updated, so it's advisable to check the Home Energy Scotland website.

We cover Aberdeenshire, NE Scotland.

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP)

Common questions asked about Air Source Heat Pumps.

Discover the advantages of opting for air source heat pumps as a modern alternative to conventional heating methods. Our ASHP systems are highly efficient, contributing to substantial energy bill savings. For additional inquiries, please reach out to Sugplumb Ltd.

Rest assured; our air source heat pumps operate with surprisingly low noise levels. The models we install generate less sound compared to conventional boilers.

Absolutely, air source heat pumps remain effective even in cold weather conditions, generating heat when the outside air temperature drops as low as -20°C.

The installation duration varies based on individual property characteristics. Typically, most installations are completed within a few days.

We recommend a straightforward maintenance approach for our air source heat pumps. A yearly service, performed by our qualified professionals, is generally sufficient to ensure optimal performance. This also adheres to the Manufacturer’s warranty.

Solar PV Panels

Considering solar panels? Here are some common questions:

If you are contemplating solar panels and have queries about installation or functionality, find answers to frequently asked questions below. For personalised assistance, don't hesitate to contact Sugplumb Ltd.

Installing solar panels on your property not only saves money on electricity bills but also provides protection against future electricity rate hikes. Environmentally, it helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Ideal roofs are southerly facing with minimal shade and sufficient space for a solar panel system. Even East or West-facing roofs can achieve 86% performance compared to South-facing roofs.

Yes, solar panels produce electricity even when not directly exposed to bright or direct sunlight.

In the event of a power cut, the inverter will switch off as a safety measure for workers repairing the grid. Consider installing a backup battery system to continue using solar energy during power cuts.