Oil Boilers

Oil Boilers

Our experienced plumbers can fit, replace, and service oil boilers efficiently. Keep your home warm and running smoothly with our reliable oil boiler solutions.


Oil Boilers

We are well versed in the installation and fitting of oil boilers, ensuring efficient and reliable heating solutions for your property. Our team of experienced professionals excels in providing oil boiler fitting services tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're considering an upgrade, replacement, or a new installation, our experts are here to guide you through the process, offering seamless and quality solutions. Trust us to deliver dependable and energy-efficient oil boiler installations, ensuring your home or property remains warm and comfortable throughout the year.
With Sugplumb, you can trust that our thorough and detailed approach ensures your oil boiler operates efficiently, keeping your home warm and comfortable, even in the coldest months.

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Oil Boilers


At Sugplumb, we take pride in delivering high-quality maintenance services for your oil boiler, ensuring it runs seamlessly year-round. During our annual service, our skilled engineers adhere to the manufacturer's instructions, conducting a comprehensive inspection to guarantee optimal performance.
We commence with a meticulous visual inspection, checking the oil tank and above-ground piping for any potential leaks. Careful scrutiny follows on the boiler's external components, including the outer sheet metal, cast-iron sections, flue, electrical controls, and nearby piping. Any significant corrosion is promptly addressed. We also examine the firebox and target wall for cracks, crucial elements for efficient burner operation, and assess the draft regulator's movement to ensure proper ventilation.

Moving on to the boiler checks, we replace the fuel filter to ensure a consistent fuel supply and assess the operation of the oil shut-off valve for safety compliance. Attention is given to the air inlets, ensuring they are unobstructed and appropriately sized. The burner refractory is inspected for cracks or damage, and meticulous cleaning and adjustment of spark electrodes, burner diffuser, and air tube are performed for efficient ignition and combustion. We carefully examine the ignition transformer, HT cable, and porcelain for signs of wear, ensuring the ignition system's reliability. The operation of the draught stabilizer is verified to maintain stable airflow, and the flame photocell is checked and cleaned for accurate flame detection. Further maintenance includes cleaning the gas side heat transfer surfaces for enhanced heat efficiency and verifying the correct operation of the high limit thermostat. We replace the burner nozzle to optimize fuel atomization and adjust burner pressure and diffuser plate for the correct flame shape and length, maximizing efficiency. Finally, the proper functioning of the flame failure device is verified to enhance safety protocols.

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